Trust Your Candidates With Smarter Background Checks

Certn delivers a seamless employer-candidate employment screening experience optimized for remote hiring.

  • Custom client packages
  • All-in-One Platform
  • Less administration work

Partnership Opportunity 

Onboard employees and contractors, then pay them in 200+ countries.

Partner Preferred Pricing 

  • White labeling capabilities
  • Automate your workflow
  • Start running checks in minutes

Simplifying Your Work in Partnership With Abstract Ops

Increase productivity and convert more candidates quickly at a glance.

<15 minutes

With modern I.D. verification technology, checks are done faster and more secure.

API & HR Integration

Seamlessly integrated into your current ATS for simple HR management.

People First

Live chat with us anytime and expect a reply from our CS team within minutes.

Scale Your Services


Custom client packages

Easily set-up preset custom packages that fit within the criteria of your checks to expedite the onboarding process. 

Add new team members

Quickly add additional users as you scale out the hiring process at no extra cost.


Less administration work

Let us worry about organizing the financials. Reduce administrative stress with our simplified accounting and invoicing.




All-in-One Platform

Increase productivity and convert more candidates quickly at a glance.

All-in-One Platform
abstract ops


Make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone.

Not everyone has access to startup networks, capital, or know-how. It is unfortunate that these advantages are locked away in private conversations and handshake deals. We can't solve everything, but we address a small but important portion: the ability to navigate all of the complexity and "overhead" that come with keeping a company alive and functioning smoothly.

To adapt the Ratatouille quote: Not everyone can become a great founder; but a great founder can come from anywhere... Our goal is to help make that possible.

Preferred Pricing

The Certn and AbstractOps Partnership gives you the opportunity to get checks back in minutes at a preferred price.



Solution Preferred Partner Price


USA – Base Package

$8 per transaction
USA – Plus Package $15 per transaction
USA – Pro Package $20 per transaction
International (100+ Countries) Pricing
Credit $5 per transaction
OneID $5 per transaction

Simplify the process with Certn

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