Smarter Background Checks with Certn & Lever 

With the self-serve design of the Certn and Lever integration, you are able to design and build 100% customizable packages independently, and initiate the integration without intervention.

  • Our proprietary API is the reason our background checks are the fastest and most comprehensive in the market.
  • Order checks globally in 200+ countries & territories 
  • Seamless integration that allows you to recruit and hire the top candidate all from one platform

Integration Features 

Integration Strength

With clients building 100% customizable packages independently, this integration is as strong as it gets!

Take Ownership

Own your workflow with the Lever & Certn integration. You have full access to both platforms!


Never leave the Lever platform with real-time data updating the Certn reports. No need to refresh your page. Hire faster, and easier then ever!


Lever is a recruiting software built to tackle the most strategic problem companies face. Injecting collaboration, transparency, and humanity - into their software and re-imagining how organization can think about growth

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Power of the Partnership

The partnership between Lever and Certn makes it easy to send and start background checks and verifications

  • Integration made easy! Start running checks and initiate the integration in just a few clicks
  • Modern and flexible API for optimization
  • The digital process that brings speed and efficiency to the candidate experience 
"The Lever integration with Certn is all about the candidate experience! Clients can set up the integration in just a few clicks, and it lives within one platform. Our clients can create different types of background check packages all within the Lever platform, which allows them to take complete ownership of their workflow."
Shay Hoseley
Partner Marketing Manager | Lever

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