Partnership Between Certn + Tugboat Logic

Build trust with new hires by connecting Tugboat Logic and Certn. Automate and manage your entire information security program. Conduct background checks via Tugboat Logic's on-boarding at a preferred price!

  • Prebuilt policies and controls mapped to the SOC 2 framework based on expert experience 
  • Robust task management to ensure all security controls are implemented and documented with evidence
  • Complete security audits faster with Certn and Tugboat

Certn & Tugboat Logic Integration

Power of the Partnership

The partnership between Tugboat Logic and Certn makes it easy to send and start background checks and verifications

  • Prebuilt policies and controls mapped to the SOC 2 Framework
  • Easily run background checks with the Certn plug-in 
  • Global Capabilities

Tugboat Logic


Tugboat Logic makes security and compliance accessible to every size of organizations. Powered by AI, Tugboat Logic’s technology automates InfoSec policy creation, audit readiness, and security questionnaire response - for one or multiple products - so companies can gain trust and win more business.

Solution Preferred Partner Price  Original Pricing 
RCMP Criminal Check - Canada $15.00 per transaction $29.00 per transaction
US Criminal Check $25.00 per transaction $45.00 per transaction
OneID $3.00 per transaction $5.00 per transaction
International Criminal Checks Pricing  Pricing

"Through the Certn and Tugboat Logic integration and partnership, our customers can now automatically collect evidence that background checks have been conducted on all new hires. It’s fast, easy, and user-friendly!"

Chee Tan
VP, Business Development & Channels | Tugboat Logic

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